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Ignoring an Abscess Can Have Massive Oral Health Consequences

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Dr. Shaun Rai
Ignoring an Abscess Can Have Massive Oral Health ConsequencesAn oral abscess refers to an infected tooth or an infection around the gums. Just like any other oral infection, an abscess could have serious oral health consequences when ignored. Therefore, it is important to seek treatment early when the condition hasn't advanced. Failure to do so, you face massive oral health problems like tooth loss, infection to the surrounding bones, sinus, and infections to the surrounding soft tissues.

Tooth Loss

An oral abscess could lead to tooth loss when left untreated. However, this can be avoided if the condition is diagnosed and treated early. Root canal procedures are commonly used to treat an oral abscess. This is only possible when the condition is in its early stages. When it advances to severe levels, it weakens the tooth and could spread to other areas. In the end, you will lose your tooth. In such cases, tooth replacement options like dental implants are used. As much as they help replace your tooth, they are not as effective as natural teeth.

Infection to Surrounding Bones

Facial bones can't tolerate the long-term presence of infections. Facial bones like the mandible and maxilla are not strong enough to withstand lengthy illnesses. Therefore, there are high chances that the infection will spread into these bones. When that happens, you will need to undergo a sophisticated surgical procedure to stop the spread. If the spread is not stopped on time, it will weaken the bone structure significantly. This makes it difficult for the jaw to support your teeth. You will also have problems chewing food.

Sinuses and Infections in Soft Tissues

Given that the roots of your upper teeth extend into the sinus area, you are likely to experience a severe sinus infection if you develop an abscess in any of the upper teeth. Furthermore, the soft tissues in your mouth are vulnerable to the spread of the infection. This means that you are vulnerable to many complications, including facial cellulite. Contact us for more information on the dangers of an oral abscess.

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