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Early Treatment for Bruxism Helps Avoid Long Term Problem

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Dr. Shaun Rai
Early Treatment for Bruxism Helps Avoid Long Term ProblemBruxism is the act of clenching or grinding your teeth. Most often this is an unconscious movement, and it can occur during the day or night. For the majority of the population this is not a problem. However, when clenching or grinding of the teeth happens regularly or excessively, the teeth can be damaged and other health issues can emerge.

Long Term Problems of Bruxism

The negative long effects of tooth clenching and grinding is a surprisingly long list. First, the teeth can get worn out and appear flat as if the surface of their teeth were filed. Cracks can develop in the teeth as abnormal clenching and grinding continues. Issues with both cold and heat sensitivity often emerge with bruxism patients as they wear down the teeth and leave dentin exposed. As patients grind their teeth excessively gum recession may take place, and headaches can persist as jaw muscles fatigue from this movement.

Early Treatment for Bruxism

Early treatment for bruxism includes a couple of dental interventions. A splint or mouth guard can keep the teeth separated to avoid damage due to bruxism. These appliances can be made with soft materials or a hard acrylic material. They fit over your teeth and can be made to go over your upper or lower teeth. When the tooth wear has led to sensitivity, we may need to reshape the chewing surfaces of your teeth or use crowns to repair the damage. This is not common, but we desire that the patient chews properly. We also suggest increasing exercise or implementing stress management principles if you are able, as bruxism can be a result of stress.

Early treatment is the key to avoiding long term problems. In this case, treating bruxism early can prevent further damage. Contact our office to see how treatment can help you both now and in the future.

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