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Should I Wear a Night Guard

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Dr. Shaun Rai
Should I Wear a Night GuardGrinding and clenching teeth is a condition that is commonly called bruxism. The condition may seem very subtle but has some long-term effects on teeth. Bruxism can occur when you are awake or asleep. We are going to discuss the use of night guards to treat it.

Night guards

A night guard is a piece of plastic retainer that covers the biting surface. The guard can either be hard or soft. The guards are either worn on the teeth on the lower or upper jaw. Night guards come in different makes but the best are custom-made to fit the teeth. Sports guards should not be confused with guards for bruxism treatment. Sports guards are made to protect teeth and gums from injury. When used at night they may trap bacteria causing diseases. The sports guards do not allow the gums to get saliva hence they are not naturally cleaned. Night guards come customized with holes that allow the passage of saliva. The saliva can clean off the particles and the gums.

Night guards help retain the bite. They are custom-made to fit teeth and prevent grinding and clenching. Sports guards are soft hence they cannot fit the purpose very well. The softness may lead to chewing and further worse effects like muscle and jaw fatigue. Considerations should be made before choosing the type of night guard to use. Comfort is key for the adoption of night guards. An uncomfortable night guard may not be well utilized as you will avoid wearing it. The condition of your teeth affects the night guard to use. If you have crooked they may need to be fixed before you get a guard.

Why wear a Night guard

A night guard may prevent the destruction of teeth through wear and tear. The loss of the enamel may have worse effects on oral health and hence should be avoided. Teeth grinding may lead to fracturing or chipping of teeth. The guards also help relieve chronic headaches. These are major symptoms of bruxism and may make sleeping difficult. We advise getting one of our professionals' guidance before getting a night guard. Consult with our dentists now.

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